Modern Policy Influencers

Below is a list of some of the top foreign political influencers who have affected foreign politics in recent history or is actively working. Sergey Lavrov: A Russian diplomat and politician. In-office since 2004, he is the Foreign Minister of Russia. Previously, he was the Russian representative to the UN, serving in the role from… Continue reading Modern Policy Influencers

Potential Immigration Policy

Immigration Principles American rights are universal, however, America cannot universally defend these rights due to our respect for national sovereignty and the fact that we simply cannot protect everyone in different nations. Despite this, the best way to defend rights for all is to allow immigrants to enter the United States. The process below details… Continue reading Potential Immigration Policy

How to Amend US Foreign Policy

Amending US Foreign Policy As mentioned in the last post which you can read here, US foreign policy is flawed in several ways. The first is the lack of consistency in policy and interpretation of goals between administrations. The second is that the policies themselves are flawed and unproductive. How to fix the problems facing… Continue reading How to Amend US Foreign Policy

US Foreign Policy Goals and their Issues

With a new Presidential Administration, many are wondering what kind of changes we should see in regards to US foreign policy and international relations. President Biden halted the troop withdraws from several countries such as Germany and Syria. He stated in a press conference that “America is back” referring to US involvement in international affairs.… Continue reading US Foreign Policy Goals and their Issues