Clearer Definitions of Economic Theories

Clearer Definitions of Economic Theories: In public and even academic debates, everyone seems to be using different definitions of terms like capitalism, socialism, democratic socialism, crony capitalism, communism, government intervention, etc. This confusion of terms makes any reasonable discussion frustrating and unproductive and it doesn’t help to know that these confusions when applied in the… Continue reading Clearer Definitions of Economic Theories

What About Federal Land.

Federal/State Land Disputes Many Americans do not know or fully understand the complexity of American Federalism. The country is made up of States but within the States can reside Federally owned land. There are current discussions on how much land should be owned by the Federal government and whether or not the government should give… Continue reading What About Federal Land.

How to Prevent Nuclear War

How to Prevent Nuclear War Preventing nuclear war is complicated since we are talking about a worldwide effort to curtail nuclear weapons from being used in war. There are a number of things that we need to do in order to achieve this goal which includes: preventing other nations from developing or obtaining nuclear weapons,… Continue reading How to Prevent Nuclear War

American Military Personnel Abroad

American Military Personnel These numbers include active military personnel who are stationed in non-engagement operations. Combat areas are too difficult to get accurate numbers from since troops are moving in and out all the time. These numbers also only include official military personnel and do not include private contractors or mercenaries since those numbers are… Continue reading American Military Personnel Abroad

Modern Policy Influencers

Below is a list of some of the top foreign political influencers who have affected foreign politics in recent history or is actively working. Sergey Lavrov: A Russian diplomat and politician. In-office since 2004, he is the Foreign Minister of Russia. Previously, he was the Russian representative to the UN, serving in the role from… Continue reading Modern Policy Influencers

Neutral Worldview in a World of Conflict

Why War? When a foreign nation attacks one of our own or even invades our home the appropriate response seems to be to fight back. When the Imperial Japanese attacked the US at Pearl Harbour and the Philipines, the response was to fight back. When the North Vietnamese launched torpedoes at the USS Maddox in… Continue reading Neutral Worldview in a World of Conflict

Amicitia Americae

Prelude: Amicitia Americae means friend of America and it is the name of the proposed foreign policy below. This policy follows the principles and ideals of the previous blogs I have written on foreign policy. You should read Pacificus and How to Amend Foreign Policy to get a better understanding of Amicitia Americae. Amicitia Americae… Continue reading Amicitia Americae

Potential Immigration Policy

Immigration Principles American rights are universal, however, America cannot universally defend these rights due to our respect for national sovereignty and the fact that we simply cannot protect everyone in different nations. Despite this, the best way to defend rights for all is to allow immigrants to enter the United States. The process below details… Continue reading Potential Immigration Policy


Pacificus Principles Foreign policy restraint: The United States currently does not have a codified set of foreign policy principles to guide policymakers which is why we see inconsistencies when it comes to alliances or treaties such as joining the Iran Deal, then the next administration leaves the Iran Deal, then the next administration promises to… Continue reading Pacificus