About Me

I am Mark Shubert, a college student in NYC majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics and Politics. I co-host a podcast called The Heureka Group you can check out the Youtube channel. I manage a website, the Amending America, where people can read historical American documents and share their ideas on politics and potential solutions to current problems. In case you couldn’t tell, I am interested in discussions about issues we face as a society and more importantly the different solutions to those issues.

My experience with American policy, specifically foreign policy, includes membership in the John Quincy Adam’s Society as the vice president of the King’s chapter in NYC, which is a national organization dedicated to educating students about US foreign policy and the effects they have on the rest of the world.

No topic is easy to understand and no solution entirely fixes the problem it was designed to fix. Don’t let this drown any hope because there is a solution. The solution is continual progress and that can happen with insightful education, open discussion, testing hypotheses, and amending current systems to help continue that progress. This is part of my worldview and is what motivates me to reach out and share ideas.